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Vertical: New Retail Formats, In-store retail formats, User centric experience


Blueprint enables your customers to purchase with one message inside SMS or WhatsApp, no changing channel, no friction.


We will be able to create a marketplace for all corner shops were ABI sells its products, we will enable a mobile Order Management System and we will connect with our delivery comunity to enable a last mile delivery.


InstaLeap is a SaaS company that offers the best last mile technology for retailers to launch and operate their digital channel.

Espacios digitales

Plug and Play device that enables traditional POS in stores, to accept digital wallets and transfers, as payment methods, through QR codes, reconciliation and accounting sales in the client's current system.


Timov through its CheckWiz product offers a 'Frictionless Store' solution that eliminates checkout boxes in stores by tracking people and objects that are selected from the gondolas.


MyPay is a Peruvian startup that was founded in 2019 with the purpose of improving the shopping experience in all types of establishments.


Offers physical retailers a payment system using facial recognition to help make identification and payment processes as pleasurable as the act of consuming.


Outernets is an Engagement Solutions Platform that merges physical and digital space to maximize shoppers’ engagement and boosts sales across multiple points of contact.


CamOnApp is a leading company in Immersive Technologies that provides services with Augmented and Mixed Reality so that brands, agencies or advertisers can boost their campaigns, communication opportunities and sales. 


EPICA has an AI-based Software platform to make personalized recommendations for merchandise to be purchased. High expertise in Consumer Behavior and Small Data Management


Facenote provides a biometric platform that allows customer recognition using opt-in facial recognition for an innovative and 100% contactless customer experience using standard tablets and regular store connectivity.


Bederr is a loyalty, marketing, and payment platform for merchants and consumers. Imagine both worlds together.